City Impressions

I look for the effect that the artificial light is standing out against the shadow or against the darkness of the night.

Light effects have always mesmerized me. In fact my earliest memories are of me sitting in the back seats of the interior of a car traveling at night. My siblings were not yet born, so I must have been less than 3 years old and my parents were in front of me taking turns driving, I know this because I deduced it from the fact that I was not looking at them.

I was looking at the stars, the stars were so beautiful, twinkling their light at night and invading my head with thousands of questions and answers. While the car was moving I wondered why the star was not moving and it was non-stop. Since then and forever, for my family, I was a child engrossed in my own world.

Now I realize that I was in everyone’s world, engrossed in the light.

City Ligths Exhibition

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