Custom Painting

A custom painting is a wonderful challenge for an artist.

This summer I had a commission for a painting for a bride and groom: He was born in Madrid and she  was born in Seville.

The idea was to make a diptych with the two cities. It was a total success!

In general people like to reflect their own environment; where they were born, where they lived or where they fell in love. To reflect cities in a painting is a memory for life.

Pintura Encargo

A painting is a unique work,  like a gem that you can mix with jeans or an evening dress. If  you really like that finished artwork it will always look good in your environment.

If you choose a city you are subconsciously choosing colors, for example Bankok is full of golden tones as Madrid has a predominant of white.

I don’t need more than a quick personal phone call and the name of the city for the painting to be a surprising and memorable gift.

Detalles y Materiales