Decorative Painting

With artists such as Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman, abstract art has been categorized as “Decorative Painting”.
In my case, as a graduate in Architecture and Interior Design, I understand these terms in the strict sense of their meaning: Painting intended to Decorate and not to justify.
The truth is that most artists know what they want to create and why , even if the artworks are abstract concepts left to the interpretation of the viewer .
I like to fit paintings into spaces, depending on different locations, light and architectural materials. That is why it is a fun challenge for me to do Decorative Painting for public spaces or luxury apartments furnished by rental companies like “Spain Select”.
In these cases abstract artworks full of expression fit very well.
Sometimes clients visit the Studio to look for paintings that fit their projects or vice versa. They invite me to see their work and propose different options with sketches.
Once the sketch is approved I start working and the adventure begins!

Pintura Decorativa