Visual artist

Fotos: Jon Nicholson

Controlled chaos is a starting point towards plastic art. From this conception, the need arises to initiate a project in which, through sketches, documentation, research and photographs in situ, it is possible to “de-construct”.

Helena Maclean and her plastic perspective from the deconstructive architecture participates in a philosophy based on a literary text whose language is the creative essence of the brush or three-dimensionality through sculpture.



As a painter, Helena Maclean has always been interested in architecture from a plastic point of view to the point of view of the conviction that both concepts can complement each other, on a support as beautiful as it is pure, that is to say, linen and cotton canvas.



To create on the created, to build with curves and straight lines on this controlled chaos. Thus showing the infinite visiting points of the same concept and treating each work independently. Helena Maclean enjoys the magic of three-dimensionality through sculpture.