My exhibition with the Quarentena Gallery in Chile

The Thailand Collection was created in 2006 after my first trip to this wonderful part of the world.

I was struck by the festival of flavors, smells and colors. All of them accompanied by an exquisite culture full of carefully crafted details. & Nbsp;

These works arose from my need to capture what had impacted me. A myriad of things had been etched in my subconscious with brushstrokes and colors, such as the golden domes and buddhas of their temples, the brown waters of the Chao Phraya River, the skies permeated with light and the colorful and tasty foods.

The result is a collection of expressionist paintings that convey movement and show great color in bright light. Liquid acrylics mixed with gels on linen canvases, soaked in paint and varnish.

“I remember painting non-stop while reliving my recent experiences with the flavors and colors of a world new to me.”

Helena Maclean

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