I like to use mixed media, on linen canvas, with matter, resins, sands, marble dust and acrylic on double width stretcher bars.


I fall in love with the materials I choose, how they react when I spray water on them. I observe the way they expand on the paper or canvas support.

Resins, acrylics, watercolours and transparent gels mixed with “matter” such as marble dust or sand…………….. each react differently.

As for the colour palette, it varies according to emotions. Each colour reflects different emotional states, so to be honest with my feelings I really fall in love with the colours I choose or make. Van Gogh was a genius of colour and explains a lot about colours in his, ” Letters to Theo. “

“Yellow shows joy, magenta shows passion, blue will be balance and green shows hope.”

It is exciting to observe how the colour palette changes according to the emotions the artist wants to convey.