Guided tours

“I love doing guided tours of my own exhibitions and those of other artists, it’s a way to bring art closer to the viewer and to understand the art of other artists, a luxury!

Visitas guiadas


(Source: YS Moda y Estilo)

Yesterday we invited a group of friends for a VIP visit to Las Rozas Village.

On this occasion we had prepared something special “the art route”, accompanied by Helena Maclean, one of the artists who has participated in this project, who delighted us with her explanations about the works and the relationship between art and fashion:

Along the route along the boulevard, we saw the shop windows with the works of art accompanied by fashion proposals inspired by the creations:

Another of the surprises we had prepared for the group was for them to participate in an interactive artistic experience by drawing their “ideal planet”. You can see how each of them explained the message they wanted to convey:

Virginia draws a planet where there is peace, love and, of course, shopping:

Carmen, squaring the circle:

Myriam, the spring:

Angeles, the integration of the four points:

Teresa, something new and better:

We said goodbye to Helena and started our (in this case) shopping route.