New Projects

Artist Feria Experience, Carlos Amberes Foundation

Helena Maclean, participant in the next edition of the ARTIST EXPERIENCE FAIR, from December 15 to 20 at the Carlos Amberes Foundation (Madrid). Helena Maclean repeats participation, as she exhibited in the 1st ARTIST Edition.

“Urban lights” During the nights of confinement we have formed a symbiosis with the architecture shown through enlightenment.
I intend to capture the different situations in which we have each found ourselves, through the different flashes of light, depending on the continent and culture. These concepts give rise to my collection of “Urban Lights”.

Creative Minds in the world of art
I have been selected to be part of the book “Creative Minds in the world of art” with my work Tokyo Next Collaboration!
Preparing new projects!

Creating Building Deconstructions

Preparing a new project with great enthusiasm and in time ! In order to make a traveling exhibition with the deconstructive architecture as the protagonist. The starting point will be …….the construction of the Guggenheim of Bilbao.

We traveled to Bilbao and worked with the photographs and sketches of the Guggenheim !

We continue with Frank O’ Gehry… and we traveled to Alava visiting the bodegas of Marqués de Riscal!


Starting to paint the sketches brought from Berlin!  The Memorial to fallen Jews….Peter Eisenman.

Berlin: The beginning of construction architecture, Peter Eisenman. What a beautiful and enriching journey!

New location of “London Eye” and I will work in more cities…. Berlin , Warsaw…… London